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Genius Chess Academy provides high quality instruction and professionally run competitions for young chess players of all skill levels. Starting from basics, we go on to train and help beginners get an in-depth knowledge of the game. Apart from this, we also provide adequate training that will help amateurs gradually learn to play the game with skill and tact. Founded by Ch Ravindra Raju, International Rated Player (Peak Fide Rating 2018) and Guntur premier chess coach, the academy offers a wide range of activities for school children.

  • Chess helps to build self-confidence and self-worth
  • Chess creates an intellectual social forum which helps create new friendships.
  • Chess teaches commitment.
  • Chess helps to build academic skills.
  • Chess improves a child’s thinking abilities.
  • Chess teaches kids how to win and lose in an acceptable manner.
  • Chess teaches kids that value of hard work.

Latest Photos

Our Academy Students got International Rating

01 G.Rajendra 25015125 1789
02 Niharika Ch 35051270 1739
03 Dasari Sri Santhosh 45013217 1475
04 Mahesh 5018668 1949


‘My son has only been going to the Genius Chess Academy for a few weeks, but already he has improved his forward thinking skills (what will happen in the next 2-3 moves) His explanation and vocalising what he wants to do have improved considerably. He is much more able in understanding other people’s point of view and seeing things from all angles. - Seetharamaiah M
‘My 7 year old son gets great stimulation from the Academy – it provides him with the chance to play other children of differing ability, and to receive coaching from strong adult players. Ravindra Raju is doing a fantastic job of running the Academy and it requires someone of his chess knowledge to steer a scheme like this. - Ramesh Ch
My son really enjoys the Genius Chess Academy and looks forward to going every week. He appears to have improved and hopefully will continue to make progress. The Chess Academy is very well organised by Mr Ravindra Raju and he is very encouraging and supportive and an excellent teacher.’ - Ravindra G

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